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Elliot House Inn A102 cropped and Tinted
Elliot House Inn A101 Cropped and Tinted
Elliot House Inn D-A101 Cropped and Tint

Photo of Completed Building - South Elevation

Elliot House Inn A-A201 Cropped and Tint
Elliot House Inn A-A202 Cropped and Tint

Photo of Completed Building - West Elevation

o (1).jpg

Photo of Completed Building - West Elevation


78 Queen Street, Charleston SC

2008 - 2009 

The project consisted of the complete demolition and reconstruction of the three story, portion of the historic Elliot House Inn in downtown Charleston, SC. The approximately 6,000 square foot three story wing of the existing circa 1840 to 1865, 26 room hotel was in danger of collapsing and was ordered to be vacated and demolished by the city of Charleston.   Meticulous measurements were taken to assure that the hotel was rebuilt as closely as possible to its original appearance. The building was literally taken down brick by brick and reconstructed from the ground up using the original brick on the outside face of the new building.  New windows and doors were rebuilt to the exact dimensions and construction methodology as existed in the original building.  Although the piazza was reconstructed per the original dimensions and details the stairs were modified to bring them into compliance with current building codes.  The project also consisted of updates and improvements to the interior courtyard and front accessory building.

158 Broad Street, Charleston South Carolina 29401



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