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David Richards, Architect is an architectural firm offering professional services in a broad range of building types and programs.  An extremely diversified background within the profession has provided me with an expansive range of professional experiences and expertise.  Through this firm, and in association with other firms, I have been involved in excess of two hundred projects, with work performed in almost every conceivable building type. 


It has been my objective in the operation of this firm to provide professional architectural services of the highest caliber. It is my belief that because of my “hands on” approach in every aspect of the project, that I can greatly improve upon the efficiency and quality of the architectural services of those normally provided by larger firms. Because I am one of those individuals who quite literally “sweats the details” I have been able to routinely produce products and results far exceeding my clients expectations. 


I also take great pride in my dedication to effectively identifying each clients needs, hopes and expectations so that I can accurately gauge and distribute my efforts towards successfully addressing their desires and goals.


In addition, because of my long involvement of work in the Charleston area I have been able to assemble a highly qualified list of professional consultants and contacts. These firms and individuals have consistently represented to me their commitment to excellence and dedication to quality.



In conclusion, although I have made every effort to show through this Project Resume some of what I have been involved with over the past thirty-five years, it can in no way be considered to be the complete summary of my experiences or expertise.  This website can only be by its nature an outline of the projects. The true accomplishments lie in the projects themselves and in the personal relationships that I have developed as a result of the interactions with my clients and the skilled craftsmen that contributed their talent and hard work to each project.


Each project for me is a new opportunity to grow and develop not only as a professional but also as a person.  It is equally important to me that I also not only meet my client’s needs and expectations for the project, but that I also make their lives more fullfilled for having selected me as their architect.

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